I just got back from working on a 3 day shoot in Napa Valley about an hour ago.  Exhausted and feeling a bit down, as we all can from time to time, I was quickly uplifted by a very touching email sent from a Bride I worked with on my Birthday!  I immediately got a rush of energy and reassurance as to why I truly love what I do.  Nothing pleases me more than to see a smile of gratitude on a Bride’s face.  There is no amount of money in the world that can give me that warm sensation in my heart that I feel watching a client  take in an exciting breath as she sees herself in the mirror, and how beautiful she is.  I get to be there. I get to hold the space with her in a way that is more than just beautifying her.  I get to be apart of a memory that will always be hers.

This is one of the most thankful emails I have ever received and I am overjoyed and so pleased we got to work together on a special day for both of us!


I want to express my  sincere appreciation for the fabulous manner in which you applied my makeup and styled my hair.  I can’t say enough how truly happy I was with the outcome.  Your work is beyond fabulous and what is even more impressive is that in addition to a superb job, you extend genuine kindness and

thoughtfulness to your clients.  Thank you for going above and beyond the norm and for making my special day one which can never be forgotten. I’m still in awe that I was fortunate enough to work with you on your birthday – I am extremely grateful and thankful that you accommodated me so graciously. I must say that because of your excellent work – my photographs look amazing. I received a few shots and they look fabulous – thanks to you.  I have received countless compliments by others on my hair and makeup. Everyone is in awe at how beautiful they both came out.  At work, some have gone as far to say that they can’t even believe that’s me. I know, I’m offended, but I’ll get over it.    You can be sure that many are the ears which have heard mention of your incredible talent. I’m already thinking of reasons as to why I need to go back west, just so that I can do another photo session and have you style and apply my makeup.   Your talent and kindness are truly unmatched and I feel so blessed that I got to work with you on your very special day. Your open candor and that magnificent quality you have of making others feel at ease at such a nerve wracking moment is truly refreshing and heaven sent.

Thank you again for everything and for the truly exquisite manner in which you styled my hair and makeup, it was flawless and I am eternally grateful to you.