Caroline Lizarraga Portrait Shoot

I had the pleasure of working with amazing Decorative painter / Designer, Caroline Lizarraga, .  All I can say is this woman is AWESOME!  The shoot was not only super fun to work on but inspiring for me as an entrepreneur.  I got to hang out on set all day with Caroline and share stories of life, relationships and creativity.  A full time single mother with a full time designing career, Caroline manages to keep a laid back attitude and strong sense of self, embodying a down to earth real beauty inside and out.

The concept of the shoot was put together by my two very favorite photographers Cat Nguyen and Sonya Yruel.  Especially after meeting Caroline and understanding her work and her couture fashion sense of style, the idea of having a straight “head shot” didn’t really appeal to any of us.  We wanted the photos to tell a story of who Caroline truly is.  Not only can this “bad ass” gal create a Picasso painting out of a white wall, or turn your bland coffee table into a Gothic modern work of art,  but she isn’t afraid to get her hands drenched in paint and plaster while doing it!   She lived and learned to perfect her craft in Italy and not only was I completely infatuated with her positive energy but let me just say that I couldn’t stop drooling over her beautiful European clothes and Italian made shoes!

Check out Caroline’s work….

Caroline Lizarraga

Cat Nguyen Photography

Sonya Yruel Photography