Castiel Cosmetics French Lavender Soap

A few days ago I received a lovely new product to review! What an amazing treat it was to receive a liquid hand soap that was hand delivered to me by Enoch Pacheco, founder of Castiel Cosmetics. As a business owner I really take notice when another business owner goes out of his way to hand deliver something. It speaks such volumes that this person obviously cares about his product and the people who will be using it. 

He had me sold on his product right from the start, solely because the beautiful lilac liquid soap labeled “French Lavender" was delivered in a clear glass liquid soap dispenser and not some plastic bottle. Actually the soap dispenser was nicer than mine, so I went ahead and replaced mine immediately upon receiving it.  So my boyfriend Laif used it first, and his reaction was, “Holy shit baby. This is awesome”.   Ok, if a guy can get that excited over hand soap, well then there must be something in the product! That's just the thing, it's made from all natural ingredients. The product has a beautiful lavender scent that is not over powering like some artificial scents can be. 

You know how some soaps can feel heavy and take forever to wash off your hands, and barely wash off in cold water? Well this soap is quick to lather up, creating that squeaky clean feeling.  Then, it washed off in a second, leaving my skin feeling moisturized and smelling fresh! I didn’t have to use a lot of product to get my hands feeling nice and clean. 

Ok. So, I did some research on the product and Enoch takes pride in creating a line that is 100% plant based  and biodegradable with all natural ingredients. No colorant added, no artificial smells, no harmful chemicals that will go on your skin or down the drain and eventually into the ocean! His website explains exactly what is in the product and what is NOT. No harmful chemicals means I would feel comfortable washing my face with it, and even baby Angus’s face when he comes to visit. =) Enoch with Castiel Cosmetics is selling the French Lavender soap for just $5 that comes in that soap dispenser or you can get the refills for just $3. You are getting a chemical free, all natural plant based soap that is made right here locally in SF. 

I am beyond grateful to Enoch for seeking me out and offering his fantastic soap to my home. I completely support this product and what it stands for. Great job Enoch and Thank you!

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